Sunday, 6th April, 2014 – Update

Almost exactly a month after we were forced to take our widgets and API down, all of the widgets are now back up and running!

The API will remain down, but there is a chance it could be back up in the long term.

Wednesday, 19th March, 2014 – Update

We've been working tirelessly to source a new data provider and are happy to say it's progressing really well.

All of the widgets will be back up very soon, but the JSON API will remain down for the mean time.

Monday, 3rd March, 2014 – Statement

It is with huge regret that due to circumstances out of our control, from 7th March 2014 we will retire our JSON API, Javascript Widgets and WordPress Widgets.

Recently there have been a lot of changes regarding the ownership of the rights of sports data. The main implication of this is that our data provider can no longer provide us with the data we need, and in turn, we can't then provide that data to our customers, whether in the form of the JSON API or widgets.

It goes without saying that anyone who has already paid a subscription to any of these services will be entitled to a refund, calculated pro rata to the number of days remaining on the subscription. If you think you're entitled to a refund please get in touch with us on Twitter @StatsFC or by email to

But this is not the end for!

We've had a great time writing widgets and chatting to you all, so this is not the end, but a new beginning.

We will continue to provide and improve the Score Predictor, Next Fixture and Squad Selector widgets, which have all had a great reception since they were launched.

We will also be coming up with new widgets in the near future, so watch this space and keep an eye on our ideas.

Thanks to the all the friends we've made along the way, and long may we continue!